0.99.4b Beta is up for Raspberry Pi 2, Odroid C1+, Cubox-i and Udoo Quad

Edit: Most of the new information is now included in Archphile Website documentation. Please read carefully all the sections of Tips & Tricks in order to understand how you can configure Archphile to suit your own needs!


Hi all,

after almost a week of feedback and testing after 0.99.4 Beta I am happy to announce you that Archphile 0.99.4b Beta is up for all the supported boards. With regards to the differences between 0.99.4 released last week for Raspberry Pi 2 and Odroid C1+ the only differences are:

– Fully updated system that includes latest Glibc that fixes a security vulnerability
– a custom Raspberry Pi 2 kernel based on 4.1.18 which fixes the maximum volume of Hifiberry Plus Dac
– an updated i2select package in order to be compliant with the kernel above

A quick summary for all devices:

– Latest MPD 0.19.12
– Latest YMPD with extra patches (fix for folders shown as empy – remeber last database folder position – dirble API Key)
– Replaced shairport with shairport-sync 2.8
– Added bselect command that configures mpd.conf for various embedded boards
– Added commands to backup/restore MPD database
– Added option to limit MPD in one core
– Added option to optimize IRQ affinity
– Added Samba capabilities – USB disks can be shared in local network
– Added USB sleep support (needs extra configuration)
– Added brutefir support (playground repository)
– Added an alternative minimalistic MPD package named mpd-archphile-minimal (playground repository)
– Added optional MPD fork with SACD ISO support and another MPD fork with native DSD support
– Added the useful alsacap command line tool

The website is not updated yet in order to include the latest tips and how-tos. You can use all the information from the previous announcements for 0.99.4 Beta where I explain most of the new stuff until I finish with the website pages.

Please note that Archphile is a completely open source and non-commercial distribution based on user donations. If you like my distribution and you want to help me keep it alive please donate using the paypal button below!


I hope you will enjoy it!




P.s I would like to thank Espakman from Archphile forum and Sat Lover from avclub.gr that helped me apply all the bugfixes for Hifiberry Plus i2s DAC!