Archphile 0.99.1 Beta for the Raspberry Pi

Hi all,

Archphile 0.99.1 Beta is up! There are a lot of changes and some interesting additions. The most noticeable changes are:

– support for i2s dacs
– upnp/dlna (upmpdcli)
– Airport/Aiplay support (shairport)
Ympd 1.2.3 and MPD 0.19.1

Some notes on them:

I2S Dacs

– remove your usb dac and connect the i2s dac
– edit i2s.conf file and remove # from the lines of the dac you own or add your own section for dacs not appearing in this list

nano /etc/modules-load.d/i2s.conf

for example for Iqaudio dac:

### Iqaudio Dac ###

– reboot
– check if Archphile sees your dac using the following command

aplay -l

if you see your dac recognized as card 0 you are ready to play!


I have created and installed packages for upmpdcli (upmpdcli-archphile) and it’s dependencies.  However this feature is not enabled by default. It’s very easy to permanently enable it:

systemctl enable upmpdcli
systemctl start upmpdcli

I have tested it with BubbleUpnp  and it works really nice!


If you used this guide and created a remote control for Archphile, I suggest you to not enable it as I showed above. Instead, create two extra commands:

Start Upnp:  create a new command with the name Start Upnp and in the field of the command put systemctl start upmpdcli

Stop Upnp: create a new command with the name Stop Upnp and in the field of the command put systemctl stop upmpdcli

It’s up to you to decice how you want to use it. I use the remote to enable it only whenever I need to stream a song from my mobile and then turn it off, but users who really need upnp/dlna for everyday it’s easier for them if they enable the service.


Airport/Aiplay support (shairport)

I have created and installed shairport package (shairport-archphile). However it’s not enabled by default. If you want to enable it:

systemctl enable shairport
systemctl start shairport

I have tested it with itunes from a windows 7 laptop and it seems to work fine.

Again, I suggest you to not enable it and just create commands in remote as I showed you above. The commands you need are systemctl start shairport and systemctl stop shairport.


Note: Both Upnp/Dlna and Shairport will have zero impact on your system performance if you don’t enable them! If you don’t use them and you feel like your installation is bloated, you don’t have to worry about it. Their dependencies are small and they do not affect Archphile performance at all.


If you want to see all the changes, you can read this changelog and you can download it here!

For further instructions with regards to Archphile configuration visit this page.

If you want to give your feedback or you need help from Archphile community, it’s time to become a member of Archphile forum!


Ps. In the next days, I will create new articles and update existing guides in order to cover the new features.



The guides for the new additions are ready: