Archphile 0.99.4 beta for Odroid C1+ is up!

Hi all,

I am very happy to announce that the first image for Odroid C1+ (and C1 too) is up!

All the tips I  have written for the Raspberry Pi 2 release  are the same for an Odroid Archphile installation.

An additional feature is that you can customize IRQ affinity:

# nano /usr/bin/archphile-optimize

you will find the following section:

# IRQ affinity optimization – Do not apply it if you are using Raspberry Pi 2 !!!

change it to:

# IRQ affinity optimization – Do not apply it if you are using Raspberry Pi 2 !!!

and reboot with:

# systemctl reboot

If you want to customize it further you can edit the following file and play around with it:

#nano /usr/bin/irq-archphile

Another tweak that you may want to apply is to stop the blue blinking light after the boot process. In order to do this, find the following section in the same file:

# Disable Odroid C1+ heartbeat blue led
#echo default-on > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger

and change it to:

# Disable Odroid C1+ heartbeat blue led
echo default-on > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger

Last but not least, after installing any of the additional MPD packages (mpd-archphile-minimal, mpd-archphile-sacd, mpd-archphile-native-dsd) or when you come back to default package, please remember to run the following command:

# bselect

and choose Odroid C1+.

bselect (from Board Selection) is a very simple script that ensures that mpd.conf will be modified accordingly in order to be ready for your Odroid C1+ board. If you don’t run this command you will not be able to hear any sound!

Please note that Archphile is a completely open source and non-commercial distribution based on user donations. If you like my distribution and you want to help me keep it alive please donate using the paypal button below!


I hope you will enjoy it!