Archphile 0.99.4 beta for Raspberry Pi 2 is up!

Edit: Please see updated guide for mpd-archphile-sacd. Due to a typo you need to give one extra command. The package will be re-uploaded.

Edit 2: The new mpd-archphile-sacd package is uploaded. If you haven’t installed it, please follow the instructions directly. If you have already installed, please run the following command before reinstalling:

pacman -Scc

when it asks you please press Y and ENTER twice.


Hi all,

it’s been a long since the last uploaded image and I am very happy to announce that Archphile 0.99.4 beta image for Raspberry Pi 2 is up!

If you want to have a look at the changelog please click here.

Some noticeable changes:

– custom kernel image based on 4.1.17
MPD 0.19.12
– option to run MPD only in one core
– latest YMPD with many fixes and additions (please go to settings for update DB!) that you will notice immediately like, option to play stream from the web interface, dirble support etc. It also solves an old bug that caused many folders to appear as empty.
– replacement of shairport with shairport-sync to support latest ios devices
– custom libupnp package
– dbackup/drestore commands to backup and restore MPD database
samba support for USB disks – now you can add music to your USB disk through your local network using samba
brutefir support – it’s installed by default with options in mpd.conf but of course it needs extra configuration to work
lirc installed by default. I will write a how to on how to configure your custom remote control
– Playground repository is enabled by default. It includes many packages like a minimal version of MPD, a custom MPD version with native DSD playback support and a fork of MPD with SACD ISO playback support. It also includes squeezelite, logitechmediaserver and some extra packages for which I am going to write a separate how-to.

Run MPD in one core

edit /usr/bin/archphile-optimize with:

nano /usr/bin/archphile-optimize

and make the changes to:

# set affinity of MPD in one core – choose values from 0-3
#taskset -c -p 2 $(pidof mpd)

so that it becomes as follows:

# set affinity of MPD in one core – choose values from 0-3
taskset -c -p 2 $(pidof mpd)

and reboot with:

systemctl reboot

Backup/restore MPD database

Run dbackup command to backup the database and drestore in order to restore it. The backup location is in /opt/dbackup. You can also put your mpd.db using a fresh installation there and give drestore to restore your previously backed up MPD database. The location of the file you have to manually backup (using filezilla with sftp protocol for example) is:


Share your mounted USB disk using SAMBA

systemctl start nmbd smbd
systemctl enable nmbd smbd

Installation of custom MPD packages (please note that only the preinstalled package is supported!)

pacman -Sy mpd-archphile-minimal
systemctl reenable mpd
systemctl restart mpd
pacman -Sy mpd-archphile-native-dsd
systemctl reenable mpd
systemctl restart mpd
pacman -Sy mpd-archphile-sacd
systemctl reenable mpd
systemctl restart mpd

In order to restore official MPD package just do the following:

pacman -Sy mpd-archphile
systemctl reenable mpd
systemctl restart mpd

Installation of squeezelite/logitechmediaserver (completely unofficial – just for experimenting – Archphile will always be an MPD based distribution)

pacman -Sy logitechmediaserver squeezelite-archphile
systemctl stop mpd ympd
systemctl disable mpd ympd
systemctl start squeezelite logitechmediaserver
systemctl enable squeezelite logitechmediaserver

The commands above will install logitechmediaserver and squeezelite on the same machine, disable MPD and ympd and will use squeezelite by default.

If you want to go back to the old situation:

systemctl start mpd ympd
systemctl enable mpd ympd

and if you want to unininstalled the extra packages:

pacman -R logitechmediaserver squeezelite-archphile

Please note that in the next days I will update the website with new sections including additional details for all the changes and additions. Most of the existing guides are ready to be used with this version

That’s all for now! I will come back the next days uploading the images for the remaining devices. I will also update i2select package in order to support the Iqaudio AMP+.

Please note that Archphile is a completely open source and non-commercial distribution based on user donations. If you like my distribution and you want to help me keep it alive please donate using the paypal button below!


P.S. I would like to thank a new Archphile forum member named espakman. His last minute bugfixes and suggestions helped me upload the best possible image for this device!