Archphile 0.99.1 Beta for Udoo Quad

Hi all,

0.99.1 Beta for Udoo Quad is up!

– upnp/dlna (upmpdcli)
– Airport/Aiplay support (shairport)
Ympd 1.2.3 and MPD 0.19.1




Configuration Guides   

NEW upnp/dlna and airplay/shairport guide


Guide for Udoo Dual users: Although Udoo Dual is not officially supported, you can install Archphile on it. You will need to do the following procedure (being root or with sudo) from a Linux machine, replacing X with the number of your sd card:

dd if=u-boot-dual.imx of=/dev/sdX bs=512 seek=2


Note: The entries of Archphile Repositories were written twice in pacman.conf by mistake. That doesn’t affect anything and it’s of zero importance. In any case if you want to change it:

mv pacman.conf /etc/pacman.conf