Details on upcoming Archphile version

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since my last post here, so I decided to write some notes on the images I am currently preparing.

Hardware notes:

– From next Archphile version the old raspberries (ARM6) are no longer supported

– Since yesterday I am a happy owner of an Odroid C1+. I have already installed Archphile on it, and if it continues to be stable and without problems, 0.99.4 will be the first official version for this device.

Software notes:

– Currently I am working on latest MPD 0.19.11 which seems to be a very stable version. This is one of the most lightweight packages I have created as many unneeded features have been disabled.

– In addition I am working on the MPD fork that has SACD ISO support. The package is ready but I haven’t tested it yet. It will remain on Playground Repository, meaning that it’s not a part of the main distro.

– Latest YMPD has some very nice features, like Dirble Support, multiple outputs selection plus some extras I haven’t tested yet.

– IOS 9.x broke compatibility with shairport and this is the reason I have replaced it with shairport-sync.

Samba support is added in order to share the usb disks on local network. It will be not enabled by default, but it’s a very easy procedure.

Usb disks sleep support: I have introduced two different methods for this. I will give further details after the release. It’s also not enabled by default as not all USB disks support it.

I hope that 0.99.4 Beta (it seems that I have already adopted the model of infinite beta :P), will be the best Archphile version since the beginning of this project.

My free time is currently very limited but I believe that I will be able to upload the new images during November.



p.s. I would really like to thank all the people (and especially Runeaudio team) that helped Archphile stay alive by donating during the Greek capital controls.