Experimental MPD package with SACD/DVD-A ISO support

Hi all,

Lately I have been experimenting with various stuff from the DSD world. As many of you know, MPD can play DSD (DFF,DSF) files fine, but there is no official support of SACD ISO. Although I believe that the best practice is to extract DSF files from the ISO, there are people who have a large library of ISO and they need direct support.

I did some google search, and it seems that a nice guy named Maxim V. Anisiutkin has created his own MPD development tree and has written all the code needed for SACD and DVD-A ISO support.

I could not resist testing it, so I created an experimental package (mpd-archphile-sacd) for arm7 (I am sorry, no support yet for the old raspberries). I tested with some SACD ISO files and the result is 100% fine. I decided to share this package for anyone who wants to experiment with this new feature.

The procedure is pretty simple and you can find all the details here.

Please note that with the new package, your mpd.conf file will be overwritten.