MPD 0.19.14 packages are up

Hi all,

MPD 0.19.14 packages are available for update if you are using latest 0.99.4 images:

1. clear the package cache

pacman -Scc

you will need to pres and ENTER twice


2. update the MPD package. For a standard installation you should do the following:

pacman -Sy mpd-archphile

Replace the name of the package with mpd-archphile-minimal or  mpd-archphile-native-dsd if you use a different package.

Please note that if you haven’t already updated ffmpeg package based on these instructions, you should also update ffmpeg-archphile.


3. If you use an i2s dac, its time to run i2select. If you use Odroid C1+ or Cubox-i you must run bselect and choose your board.