New MPD and ffmpeg packages available for update

Hi all,

I am writing to announce you that MPD 0.19.13 and ffmpeg 3 are available for update if you are using latest 0.99.4 images:

  1. clear the package cache
pacman -Scc

you will need to pres and ENTER twice


2. Update ffmpeg (it’s a good idea even if you use mpd-archphile minimal which is ffmpeg independent):

pacman -Sy ffmpeg-archphile


3. Now it’s time to update the MPD package. For a standard installation you should do the following:

pacman -Sy mpd-archphile

Replace the name of the package with mpd-archphile-minimal, mpd-archphile-sacd, mpd-archphile-sacd if you use a different package.

Please note that mpd-archphile-native-dsd remains in 0.19.12, and mpd-archphile-sacd remains on an old github version but they are both rebuilt in order to use latest ffmpeg package.


4. If you use an i2s dac, its time to run i2select. If you use Odroid C1+ or Cubox-i you must run bselect and choose your board.


Please note that MPD package update will override your mpd.conf configuration.


Have fun,


Ps. A special thanks goes to espakman  for his very important support in general (testing, bugfixing etc.) and to iSushi42 for testing the packages.