New Odroid C2 image: 0.99.7 Alpha

Hi all,

a new alpha image for Odroid C2 has been uploaded on sourceforge. It’s based on latest stable mainline kernel which is a major change for this device:


mainline kernel 4.14.8 and lots of changes in system in order to support it
– new MPD packages based on MPD 0.20.13, latest git MPD sacd version and removal of mpd-archphile-native-dsd
– fully updated to latest ArchlinuxARM (23/12/2017)
– Fully updated Archphile packages in latest versions (ffmpeg, libupnpp, librespot etc..)

Known issues:

I2s Dacs are not supported in this release, as the mainline kernel lacks odroid C2 i2s support at the moment.

Not all emmmc cards are compatible with this Alpha image. Hardkernel has sold various different emmc modules during all these years and with some of them this image will not be functional. For further information please read the following thread:

– Some USB Dacs, although they are Linux supported, don’t make a good combo with Odroid C2. This is because of the poor USB implementation (the main issue is thoudands of interrupts/sec) of Odroid C2. If you can’t test C2 with your USB DAC, please think twice before buying it.

– Dirble option in YMPD is not functional