Changelog for Cubox-i version

28/02/2016 – 0.99.4b beta
– Latest MPD 0.19.12
– Latest YMPD with extra patches (fix for folders shown as empy – remeber last database folder position – dirble API Key)
– Replaced shairport with shairport-sync
– Added bselect command that configures mpd.conf for various embedded boards
– Added commands to backup/restore MPD database
– Added option to limit MPD in one core
– Added option to optimize IRQ affinity
– Added Samba capabilities – USB disks can be shared in local network
– Added USB sleep support
– Added brutefir support (playground repository)
– Added an alternative minimalistic MPD package named mpd-archphile-minimal (playground repository)
– Added optional MPD fork with SACD ISO support and another MPD fork with native DSD support
– Added the useful alsacap command line tool

13/03/2015 – 0.99.3 beta
– rebased distribution on generic ArchlinuxARM for arm7
– updated to latest ArchlinuxARM (generic linux arm7 kernel 3.14.35)
– updated to mpd 0.19.9
– added ffmpeg and soxr support (lots of extra file formats supported and resampling capabilities with soxr – not enabled by default)
– updated to latest shairport from github (r476.d65b8e8-1)
– added iocharset=utf8 option in /etc/fstab for samba/cifs shares
– updated to latest rt2870usb firmware (do not upgrade linux-firmware package as you will lose this firmware)
– added wireless tweaking options (/usr/bin/archphile-optimize)
– added networking tweaking options (/etc/sysctl.d/archphile-network.conf)
– disabled various unneeded modules (/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf)
– changed default systemd target
– temporarily fixed mpd.service warnings (ControlGroup, ControlGroupAttribute)
– added support for local cover art using mongoose web server
– ssh via wireless works without problems – no need for telnet

27/10/2014 – 0.99.1 beta
– added upnp/dlna support (upmpdcli) – not enabled by default
– added shairport package – not enabled by default
– updated to mpd 0.19.1 (changed niceness to -16) – native DSD playback support
– updated to ympd 1.2.3
– updated to latest ArchlinuxARM (linux kernel 3.14.14)
– dropped support of mpd-archphile-ffmpeg
– updated webradios
– various minor changes