Frequenty Asked Questions

Is really Archphile a new Linux distribution?

No, Archphile is not a new distribution. It’s just ArchlinuxARM with preinstalled packages, extra tweaks and configuration.

 Cool, that means that Archphile is a rolling release distro. I am going to update the system right now!

No, that does not mean that Archphile is a rolling release disto. You can update of course but this will break the dependencies of the extra packages I have compiled. So if you have the knowledge to recreate newer versions of these packages, feel free to experiment. Of course I will not support you after that!

– I want to buy Archphile. How much does it cost?

Archphile is a completely free/opensource software.You don’t have to pay anything. However, if you are satisfied with this project, you can help it be kept alive by donating using the link on the right side of the page.

– What’s the reason for installing Archphile?

Archphile is mainly targeted to Audiophiles who own a Raspberry Pi (B, B+ and 2), a Udoo Quad, Cubox-i or an Odroid C1+ but don’t have the knowledge or the time to configure a linux distrubution for music reproduction.

– What software does archphile use for music reproduction?

Archphile uses MPD with a nice web interface (MPD client) named ympd.

– What is the Archphile Repository?,

It’s just an Archlinux repository containing the packages I create. To be more specific it has MPD, ympd, upmpdcli etc..

– I don’t like your package for MPD, I am missing some features. What can I do?

No problem! Just install MPD package from ArchlinuxARM repository using command:

pacman -Sy mpd ffmpeg

– At the moment I am using Volumio/Runeaudio/Moode? Why should I change and use Archphile?

Just keep using whatever you like! Volumio, Runeaudio and Moode are three amazing distributions and they will cover your needs if you need a very easy system management with many automations.

– Come on dude! Give me a reason to prefer Archphile over the other distributions!!

Ok! The philosophy behind Archphile is just to Keep it Simple! You will configure your system once, with no automations for your NAS (ympd is just an MPD client and not a system configuration tool) and sometimes you will need to edit configuration files to change settings. On the other hand, you will get a very minimal installation with low CPU and RAM usage.

In addition, I will always try to give you all possible fixes (pops and clicks, other usb issues) ASAP. Last but not least I hope that very soon you will be able to get all the updates in both packages and configuration directly from the Archphile repository, which means that you won’t have to download a new image whenever a new version is out.

– I see that all the versions you upload are BETA. Are you ever going to upload a stable image?

Before any release I try to ensure that everything is as stable as possible. Although you may read that an X version is beta or alpha, usually you will not have any problems at all.

– Do you have any plan on supporting another embedded device like Udoo, Cubox etc?

There is a very big possibility for the Udoo Quad to be supported by Archphile in the next days! Udoo/Cubox-i/Odroid C1+/Odroid C2 support is now official!

– Do you really use Archphile for your hifi system or do you just play with it? What is your hifi equipment?

Yes, Rpi 2/Udoo/Cubox-i/Odroid C1+/Odroid C2/Archphile (I use all the boards for testing purposes, but I mainly listen to music through my Odroid boards), is the only system I have at the moment for my Hifi. The remaining parts are a Gainclone LM3875 amp, an AUNE S16 USB DAC  and Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers. My flacs (mainly 16/44.1) are served  from a SAMBA share (Phileserve USB NAS).

– You describe Archphile as an “audiophile” distribution. What do you mean with this? Is it that good?

The term “audiophile” is usually used in order to describe people enthusiastic  about high fidelity sound reproduction. Of course I don’t state that the combo of Archphile along with all these embedded boards is  a high quality hi-fi or hi-end solution. To be honest, I really don’t care about this and if you are reading this lines right now, thinking of trying Archphile with your cheap embedded board, you probably agree with me. Archphile is a distribution for people that want to get the best out of these tiny boards with regards to audio reproduction and just start listening to music.

– I see that you focus very much on DSD capabilities offering extra custom packages for SACD ISO reproduction and native DSD mode. Why are you so much interested in this format? Is it so good?

To be honest, I don’t like and I don’t listen to DSD files. My opinion is that everything that has to do with DSD is a hype. There is a big debate on DSD sound quality and there’s even a bigger debate on wether the DACS we have claiming to support this format they actually do as in most of the cases what happens is a DSD to PCM conversion inside the DAC chip. 99,9% of the available music is PCM (most of it Redbook 16/44.1) and I believe that there’s no reason to care at all for this format.

However, if you have DFF, DSF or SACD ISO (with an extra MPD fork package) files you can enjoy your music via DoP (if you DAC supports it) or via software DSD to PCM convertion (meaning that MPD does the job and sends PCM signal to the device). Some USB interfaces support native DSD mode (please note that DoP is also fine and it’s a very trusted standard currently) and there’s also a custom MPD package for this capability.

All these extra goodies are not something special I did. I just created and I offer some packages (without support as I don’t test them anymore) based on the wonderful work that other people have done: Lintweaker maintains a patch for MPD native DSD support and Maxim Manisiutkin has uploaded an MPD fork that can play SACD ISO files. If you are happy that Archphile has these extra features you should thank these guys and not me!

Please note that currently DSD reproduction using MPD is not fine. You will hear very loud pops and clicks when you change tracks or when you change location within a track. This is not a bug of MPD. It has to do with DoP and how it works. There’s a discussion about it here. You must be careful with this behavior as these pops may cause troubles to your equipment if the volume level is high.

– I want the X or Y or Z feature to be included. Please can you do this?

Archphile was created with simplicity in mind. No, in most cases the feature you will ask will not be included unless it’s essential and I forgot to add  it. Archphile will always be minimal.

– I have a question for you and I need to contact you. Where the hell can I find you?

You can always send me an email at info (at) archphile (dot) org, but the best way is to create an account on Archphile forum and post!