I2S Dacs and the Raspberry Pi

Let’s start with some nice schematics  showing the connections needed:


– Raspberry Pi model B






– Rasbperry Pi model B+ and model 2





Configuring your i2s dac with i2select configuration tool in 0.99.4b Beta:

– use Putty from a windows machine or the terminal from Linux/BSD/Mac os X and connect via ssh on your Raspberry Pi

– run i2select command:


You will then see an image similar to the one below (this image is from an older version):


– write the number of your i2s dac and press enter

– follow the instructions in red and reboot your machine immediately using systemctl reboot command


1. The only devices tested are Iqaudio Plus and Mamboberry. I also got some nice feedback from a friend of Archphile and I believe that configuration for Hifiberry Plus will be correct out of the box. All other Dacs will also work but there might be some issues with their volume levels. Please give me feedback in Archphile forum and I will do my best to support you!

2. With this configuration volume control is disabled and volume is always set to maximum correct volume (0db), if you want to change it or play around with hardware/software volume please edit /usr/bin/archphile-optimize:

nano /usr/bin/archphile-optimize

and comment the line /usr/bin/unmute (put a # in the beginning of the line). In order to exit nano, press CTRL+X and then Y and press ENTER.