A Tidal/Upmpdcli fix for 0.99.72

Hi all,

thanks to the amazing support of js (upmpdcli developer) I am currently testing Tidal with umpdcli for the first time.

The issue was the lack of various python2 packages. Below I will give you all the

information on how to fix it, until I upload a new image.

For the Raspberry Pi:

– Add a rollback machine to mirrorlist so that the extra packages installed are as old is the image is (this way we avoid dependencies breakage):

nano /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

and put the line below as the first line of this file:

Server = http://tardis.tiny-vps.com/aarm/repos/2018/03/20/$arch/$repo

save and then give the following:

pacman -Syy python2 python2-requests


– Give the following command:

ln -s /usr/bin/python2 /usr/bin/python


– Edit upmpdcli.conf:

nano /etc/upmpdcli.conf

find the tidal section and put your credentials and quality (I have the lossless trial enabled, that’s why I use it in the example below). For example:

tidaluser = your@email.com
tidalpass = yourpassword
tidalquality = lossless

Even better and to be sure, do not edit the section, just add these three lines below the tidal section.

– Save and start upmpdcli service as described on the manual. Open BubbleUpnp or Lin Kazoo or any app you know that works and enjoy!

For Odroid C2

The procedure for the Odroid C2 is the same apart from the server line, where you will use the following line:

Server = http://tardis.tiny-vps.com/aarm/repos/2018/03/06/$arch/$repo

Please do not abuse the rollback servers! Use once and after you finish, remove them!