Archphile 1.19 beta - codename Corona for RPI2/3 and Odroid C2 is up

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Living under this difficult situation (covid-19 pandemic) and under a very strict lock-down, lead to a lot of free time. So I took the opportunity and created new images for the Raspberry Pi 2/3 and the Odroid C2.



Release updates

If there are any updates on packages/configuration that can be applied on these new images, all the relevant instructions will be given through the following links:


While it’s true that in general my time is very limited (and this was one of the reasons I officially stopped Archphile development), I decided to create a github repository so that everyone can submit an issue. This does not mean that I will answer. I will do my best but:

As you may have noticed there is still no support for the Raspberry Pi 4. If you want me to help buy one (the 4gb version + case + reliable heat shrink + at least 2 SD cards), please consider donating!

While I am not sure that I will continue development in general, if you help me buy a RPI 4, I will upload one functional image for sure.

Last but not least, you may have already realized that I am famous for my instability. I have announced twice that Archphile is dead and yet I am back with new images.

Please do not take myself very seriously and I suggest that you don’t take yours either!

I hope that everyone will remain OK and safe.