New librespot (Spotify) and roonbridge packages for 0.99.72

Hi all,

I just uploaded two updated packages (for both the Odroid and RPI), one for librespot (spotify) and one for roonbridge.
The librespot package, hopefully resolves all current issues with Archphile and Spotify (unable to connect, device disappearing etc..).


– Librespot (Spotify)

In order to update the package give:

pacman -Sy librespot-archphile

If you have already enabled it so that it starts during boot, please give the following:

systemctl reenable librespot

Note: If you have already applied the previous “workaround”, you don’t have to undo anything. Just proceed with the above commands.


– Roonbridge

As already stated on the Archphile manual, roonbridge is not installed by default. The commands below should be given for both new installations or package upgrade:

RPI users:

pacman -Sy roonbridge-archphile-arm7

Odroid C2 users:

pacman -Sy roonbridge-archphile-arm8

If you have already installed and enabled this package so that it starts during boot, you should give the following command:

systemctl reenable roonbridge[


P.S. Roon support in Archphile is almost zero. For more information, plase read the FAQ section of the manual.