– Raspberry Pi 2/3/3 B+

Download 0.99.73 Alpha for Raspberry Pi 2/3/3 B+
.7z md5sum cc68c826d8b08a0b652978909be34199


– Odroid C2

Download 0.99.73 Alpha for Odroid C2
.7z md5sum aa8a3a0f97b4883dab4064dce04806de


Not supported anymore:

– Raspberry Pi B and B+

Download 0.99.3 Beta for Raspberry Pi
.zip md5sum dddee0f3f771ee6ea9f851ccfd8a5c12


– Odroid C1+

Download 0.99.4b Beta for Odroid C1+
.zip md5sum a4ff1533a52974def094177393d70e4d


– Udoo Quad

Download 0.99.4b Beta for Udoo Quad
.zip md5sum abcad67ce740de6d16c278bda86854a2



Download 0.99.4b Beta for Cubox-i
.zip md5sum a4ff1533a52974def094177393d70e4d



Quick Start Guide

  • download the image, extract it (if you have any problems with other software please use 7-zip) and copy it to the sd card. Linux/Unix users use dd command – windows users use W32Diskmanager as administrator (right click on the executable) and Mac os X users use Piwriter
  • boot the Raspberry Pi/Cubox-i:

– if you have bonjour support you can use the web interface with this url: http://archphile.local
– if you don’t have bonjour, you will need to find the ip using fing app or the web interface of your router

  • usb disks are supported by default. Just plug the usb stick and press update db from the web interface
  • if you want to use cifs/samba or nfs shares you have to edit /etc/fstab and modify accordingly
  • Enjoy!1