Frequenty Asked Questions

– Is really Archphile a new Linux distribution?

No, Archphile is not a new distribution. It’s just ArchlinuxARM ( with lots pre-installed packages (from both ArchlinuxARM and Archphile), plus many additional tweaks and configuration.

Please note, that although being an ArchlinuxARM distribution, Archphile is not a rolling release distro. Updating the system with pacman will 99,99% break most of the additional Archphile packages already installed.

– I want to buy Archphile. How much does it cost?

Archphile is a completely free/open source software. You don’t have to pay anything in order to download and use it. However if you are satisfied with this project, you can help it be kept alive by donating, using the PayPal or BTC information on the right side of Archphile website.

– Come on.. Why do you keep asking for my donation? Do you want to buy new speakers?

Please don’t be such a moron! A project like Archphile has costs that you haven’t thought of.. Apart from the domain/hosting etc., I need money to keep buying hardware. For example, even though I am not a Raspberry Pi user, I bought the latest RPI (along with SD cards, power supply etc..) and I spent almost 70 euro.. Please think twice before you answer: is it so bad that I keep asking for your donations?

– I want to see your code/packages/scripts right now!

All right! All you have to do is visit my GitHub page:

– What are the benefits of using Archphile?

Archphile is mainly targeted to Raspberry Pi and Odroid C2 owners who want to use their devices as music transports and don’t have the knowledge or the time to spend in order to configure a Linux distribution for this purpose.

– I am using Volumio/Runeaudio/Moodeaudio. Why should I change and use Archphile?

I don’t care what you are currently using. As long as you are satisfied with your current distribution, stick on it and listen to your music.

– Come on dude! Give me a reason to prefer Archphile over the other distributions!

OK. The philosophy behind Archphile is to keep it simple. You will configure the system once and forget it.

Archphile doesn’t use any resource hungry web servers, interpreters like PP or databases like Myself and it’s configured so that it uses the less possible resources.

This, doesn’t mean that Archphile sounds better, but that it’s usually more stable comparing to a bloated alternative.

– Yes, but configuring Archphile is so difficult! YMPD does not have any system configuration settings. It even doesn’t have a shutdown button!

Yes configuring Archphile via “terminal file editing” might seem difficult for newbies and this is the reason I wrote this manual.

Regarding YMPD, No, it does not have any OS configuration setting or shutdown button, because it’s just an MPD client. Its job is to control MPD and nothing more.

– Do you really use Archphile as a transport for your hi-fi or do you just play around with it?

The reason for keep developing Archphile is because I am a user of this software. I use an Odroid C2 along with a DIY 9018k2m DAC and my flacs are served via a diy USB NAS (DD-WRT Router with a USB disk on it) using SAMBA.

– You describe Archphile as an “audiophile” distribution. What do you mean with this term? Is it that good?

The term audiophile is usually used in order to describe people enthusiastic about high fidelity sound reproduction.
I don’t state that using Archphile with a Raspberry Pi or an Odroid C2 is a high quality hi-fi or hi-end solution. To be honest with you I really don’t care about it! Archphile is a distribution for people that want to get the best out of these tiny boards with regards to audio reproduction and just start listening to music.

– I see that you focus very much on DSD capabilities, offering an extra custom MPD fork package. Why are you so much interested in this format? It it so good?

To be honest, I don’t like and I don’t listen to DSD files. In my opinion, everything that has to do with DSD is just a hype.

I believe that a good redbook file (16/44.1) should be enough for a superb sound result. The reason I play around with DSD, creating custom packages etc. is because I am a geek and I like playing around with stuff like that.

– Roon support in Archphile is bad. The X feature is not functional and the overall performance is poor. Please can you help me?

No I can’t. I contacted Roon Labs a long time ago, asking them to expand the trial period for me in order to be able to see how Archphile performs with Roon. They never replied to my email. Roon Labs don’t give a fuck about Archphile and neither do I! I really don’t know how the roonbridge package provided by Archphile performs and to be really honest with you, I don’t care.

– How about Spotify and Tidal?

Archphile supports both of them. However, I can only pay for one service and I have currently chosen Spotify, which I fully support. Tidal support is partial, meaning that I will do everything for it to be functional but I won’t be able to test it.

– Does Archphile support MQA?

Seriously, stop using Archphile now!

– I just read that you support squeezelite. This is great news!

Squeezelite is included for testing purposes only. Archphile is and will be an MPD based distro. If you want to get the most out of squeezelite, I highly suggest you to install piCorePlayer.

– I want the X or Y feature to be included. Please can you do this?


– Is there any forum for Archphile?

There used to be one, but not anymore. There are various forum threads (ex. in diyaudio), but I currently don’t participate in any of them. However you can discuss and exchange knowledge with other Archphile users there.

– Ι want immediate information about Archphile news/changes etc..

Install telegram on your mobile devices and visit

– I have a question and I need to contact you. How can I contact you?

Please send an email to info at archphile dot org, but please, before you send me an email, Read The Fucking Manual!