Network Configuration

In this section I will give you all details needed to configure the network from Archphile 0.99 beta and on for all supported devices For 0.25 Beta version for the Raspberry Pi please see at the end of this page! Since 0.99, archphile uses netctl for dhcp/static/wireless. Default configuration is with dhcp and if you want to change the configuration you just have to edit one file and reenable one service. Lets see some examples:


– If you wan to change from ethernet dhcp to static:

nano /etc/netctl/archphile-network

you need to disable this section:

Description=’A basic dhcp ethernet connection’
ExecUpPost=’/usr/bin/ntpd -gq || true’

putting a # in the beginning of each line so that it looks like:

#Description=’A basic dhcp ethernet connection’
#ExecUpPost=’/usr/bin/ntpd -gq || true’

the next step is to enable the following section (the ip’s used are just an example):

Description=’A basic ethernet connection with static ip’
ExecUpPost=’/usr/bin/ntpd -gq || true’

the final step is the following command:

netctl reenable archphile-network

After rebooting you will be using your new network configuration!


– If you want to change from ethernet to wireless :

all you need to do is edit archphile-network, so the only active section will be for a wireless configuration. For example for wireless, dhcp with wpa you need to do the following:

nano /etc/netctl/archphile-network

you must disable everything apart from:

Description=’A basic dhcp wireless connection with WEP/WPA security’
ESSID= blablabla
## Uncomment below if your ssid is hidden
ExecUpPost=’/usr/bin/ntpd -gq || true’


The last step is to reenable the service for this connection:

netctl reenable archphile-network


That’s all! from next boot you will be using your wireless configuration!