Introduction to Archphile

Archphile is an Archlinux ARM/MPD based distribution for Raspberry Pi and Odroid C2.

Some of its features:

  • support for USB and I2S Dacs
  • recompiled MPD 0.20.20
  • ympd web interface (currently using superbfg7 fork)
  • usb disk/flash automounting using udevil.
  • upnp/dlna support using upmpdcli
  • Airplay/shairport using shairport-sync
  • Spotify support using librespot
  • Tidal support using upmpdcli
  • dchp enabled by default
  • reachable with url http://archphile.local if zeroconf is enabled.
  • samba/cifs/nfs support – you have configure /etc/fstab  according to your own needs  by modifying the sample lines
  • default credentials:

username: root
password: archphile

  • various web radios based on Moodeaudio distribution

This distribution was based on ideas and configuration from Raspyfi/Volumio and Runeaudio projects. I could not have done it without them: