0.99.72 alpha images for Raspberry Pi and Odroid C2 are up

Hi all,

two new images, one for the Raspberry Pi (all ARM7 RPIs including the 3B+) and one for the Odroid C2 are up.

You can read the changelogs here:



In order to download them, you can visit the download section of this website or use the following sourceforge URLs:



I have started updating/revising all information on this website but it’s not finished yet. This means that you will still have to download (from sourceforge) release_notes_and_instructions.txt for each image and read the inscructions carefully.

Last but not least, please remember that Archphile is a non-profit project and your donation is the way to keep it alive!




New Raspberry Pi image with RPI 3 B+ support

Hi all,

two days ago, a new image was uploaded for the Raspberry Pi. It supports all ARMv7 RPIs, including the latest 3 B+.

Below you will find a quick changelog:

– Raspberry Pi 3 B+ support
– Fully updated ArchlinuxARM
– latest MPD packages based on MPD 0.20.18
– latest MPD fork package (SACD ISO package)
– latest YMPD client
– I2S dac support for the majority of DACS found in Raspberry Pi kernel
– latest librespot and other Archphile packages


For more information please visit the following link:






New Odroid C2 image: 0.99.7 Alpha

Hi all,

a new alpha image for Odroid C2 has been uploaded on sourceforge. It’s based on latest stable mainline kernel which is a major change for this device:



mainline kernel 4.14.8 and lots of changes in system in order to support it
– new MPD packages based on MPD 0.20.13, latest git MPD sacd version and removal of mpd-archphile-native-dsd
– fully updated to latest ArchlinuxARM (23/12/2017)
– Fully updated Archphile packages in latest versions (ffmpeg, libupnpp, librespot etc..)

Known issues:

I2s Dacs are not supported in this release, as the mainline kernel lacks odroid C2 i2s support at the moment.

Not all emmmc cards are compatible with this Alpha image. Hardkernel has sold various different emmc modules during all these years and with some of them this image will not be functional. For further information please read the following thread:


– Some USB Dacs, although they are Linux supported, don’t make a good combo with Odroid C2. This is because of the poor USB implementation (the main issue is thoudands of interrupts/sec) of Odroid C2. If you can’t test C2 with your USB DAC, please think twice before buying it.

– Dirble option in YMPD is not functional




The awakening of the dead: New images for Raspberry Pi 2/3 and Odroid C2

Hi all,

As you already know, Archphile is not an active project anymore. However I decided to upload two new images: one for the Raspberry Pi 2/3 and one for Odroid C2: The reasons are simple and explained below:

  • I keep using Odroid C2 as a daily driver for my own needs. From time to time I create an image from scratch and this time I decided to upload it and share it with you.
  • In the past I received donations for various people in order to support the Raspberry Pi 3. In addition, I received a Raspberry Pi 3 board for free (thank you very much Collybia people!). Last but not least, I received various I2s dacs from manufacturers worldwide. As you understand it would not be fair not to upload an image for the RPI and these dacs. It was the only way to thank all these people who supported me!

The images were uploaded on sourceforge some days ago and you may find them using the links below:



Each folder has a txt file named release_notes_and_instructions.txt. Please read this file carefully in order to be informed about the new goodies included in Archphile (Spotify Premium support, Roon Bridge etc.). In order to configure these new images for your needs you will need to use a combo of this file along with the how-to section of this website.





Hi all,

as most of you are already aware of it, Archphile is not active any more.

I would like to thank everyone who supported this project during all these years.




Archphile 0.99.5 alpha for Odroid C2 is up

Hi all,

I am very happy to announce that the first image for Odroid C2 is up. This version is in fact the 0.99.4 version for this board but as many software versions are newer (MPD, samba, shairport-sync etc.) I decided to increase the version number. Another difference is that it’s alpha stage and not beta. Although it’s stable enough for everyday use, 64 bit ARM architecture is new and not very well tested in general.

The only part of the hardware that is non functional currently is the IR receiver (not supported by default in Archphile but it’s always configurable for other boards). Based on the information I got from Hardkernel people, the driver is under development.

The image includes all the classic Archphile stuff (apart from squeezelite packages that are only for experimental purposes anyway) for which you will find instructions on this website. MPD version is 0.19.14 (the same version offered as an update for 0.99.4 beta images).

Please note that only USB DAC functionality wast tested and as a result supported, although enabling I2s is very easy.

As you will notice the compressed file offered is .7z and not zip. This changes nothing as you will still need 7-zip in order to extract and get the image.

There are many options in /usr/bin/archphile-optimize applicable to Odroid C2. I suggest you to try enabling, irq affinity, set the MPD to use 1 core and disable the blinking led. You can also experiment with CPU governors, setting ondemand as the default. Hardkernel chose performance governor as the default option but I believe that it’s an overkill for our application.







MPD 0.19.14 packages are up

Hi all,

MPD 0.19.14 packages are available for update if you are using latest 0.99.4 images:

1. clear the package cache

pacman -Scc

you will need to pres and ENTER twice


2. update the MPD package. For a standard installation you should do the following:

pacman -Sy mpd-archphile

Replace the name of the package with mpd-archphile-minimal or  mpd-archphile-native-dsd if you use a different package.

Please note that if you haven’t already updated ffmpeg package based on these instructions, you should also update ffmpeg-archphile.


3. If you use an i2s dac, its time to run i2select. If you use Odroid C1+ or Cubox-i you must run bselect and choose your board.

mpd-archphile-native-dsd 0.19.13 is up

Hi all

MPD 0.19.13 with native dsd patch is available for update if you are using latest 0.99.4 images:


  1. clear the package cache
pacman -Scc

you will need to pres and ENTER twice


2. Update ffmpeg (if you haven’t already done following the guide of previous post):

pacman -Sy ffmpeg-archphile


3. Now it’s time to update the MPD package:

pacman -Sy mpd-archphile-native-dsd


4. Finally restart mpd

systemctl restart mpd


This package is not for users with I2S dacs.

If you use cubox-i or Odroid C1+ please use bselect in order to select your board.

Please note that your mpd.conf file will be overwritten.