Archphile Repository

Raspberry Pi 2/3

The Archphile repository for these devices is:

SigLevel = Never
Server =


Odroid C2

The Archphile repository for Odroid C2 is:

SigLevel = Never
Server =


Note: Currently many variations of the above urls can be found here.

In future releases the repo urls will change to a final state and this page will be updated.


Currently the packages available are (for an up-to-date list please see my github page):

1. mpd-archphile: modified version of mpd-light from AUR with plenty of mpd options disabled.

2. ympd-archphile: package for latest ympd. PKGBUILD taken from AUR and it was modified so that default port is port 80

3. archphile-optimize: a very simple package to customize kernel parameters and apply several commands during boot. It is now merged with unmute-archphile and unmutes volume during boot setting it to 100%.

4 . upmpdcli-archphile and  libupnpp-archphile: packages for Upnp/Dlna support (0.99.1 Beta)

5. i2select: a very simple command line script that helps you configure i2s dacs

6. ffmpeg-archphile: ffmpeg built with the less dependencies possible.

7. mongoose: mongoose web server package from AUR

8. alsacap: a useful tool to get alsa information about DACs

9. mpdscribble: a program to send MPD information to etc.


Note: If you want to rebuild this packages or have a look at the PKGBUILDS visit  github.